Pizza Palooza

2017 Pizza Palooza 

Friday, July 21st
5PM – 11PM
Saturday, July 22nd

Pizza Palooza is one of Northwest Ohio’s premier and largest events. With crowds soaring above 12,000 and engagement with 10 local pizza and dessert vendors it’s no wonder this event has become a Summer staple for families and pizza lovers everywhere! Attendees are given the opportunity to vote for their favorite pizza each year, crowning the highly coveted People’s Choice Award. Bands, costumed characters, and loads of kid’s activities are just a few of the entertainment features at the event.

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2016 Pizza Palooza:


2016 People’s Choice Award Winners:


1st Place: Charlie’s Homemade Pizza

2nd Place: Amie’s Pizza Factory

3rd Place: J-Cups Pizza

2016 Judge’s Choice Specialty Pizza Winners:


1st Place: Vito’s Pizza

2nd Place: Charlie’s Homemade Pizza

3rd Place: J-Cups Pizza

2016 Judge’s Choice Cheese Pizza Winners:


1st Place: Amie’s Pizza

2nd Place: Vito’s Pizza

3rd Place: Mama Mary’s Pizza

 2016 Judge’s Choice Corporate/Media Challenge Winners:


1st Place: John Monaghan, VZN

2nd Place: Sharon Lange, Sylvania Advantage

3rd Place: Rob Schnitkey, ProMedica Flower Hospital